Removing dust

During transport and with each processing step, gas is contaminated with solids or liquids. To prevent damage to downstream equipment, VoTech offers cartridges and complete separation solutions for solids removal – for downstream, midstream and upstream applications, designed and configured to clients’ standards or to typical country and/or company standards worldwide.

Cartridges for the removal of (dry) solids from dry or moist natural gas and other gaseous media

VoTech cartridges are designed for the efficient removal of typical contaminants in equipment from production, gas pipelines up to the end user. As OEM for many renowed vessel builders and engineering companies we manufacture a large variety of cartridge dimensions and media. We defy innovations or assist in standardising existing filtration solutions; we support our clients with design issues to guarantee maximum filtration efficiency, compact assembly, highest possible dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop and optimum lifetime.

Our innovative R&D test facility enables us to perform fundamental research, quality control and continuity checks. When developing new or improving existing products, environmental solutions are preferred to support current visions regarding increase of waste disposal.

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Inline separation system for the removal of solid & liquid contaminants from dry or wet natural gas and other gaseous media

Our patented inline separator, the Side-Stream-Separator type LCK®, a development that is based on thorough theoretical knowledge and fundamental research (1996 – to date), enjoys wide spread application in different applications featuring high efficiency, limited pressure differential and purifies gas to an extent equal to gas cleaned by quality filter cartridges without the disadvantage of such cartridges. The equipment utilising only the energy from the incoming process stream has no moving parts, is low in maintenance and simple to operate with considerably less waste. Therefore spare parts are reduced to a minimum. The total cost of ownership and Footprint are considerably less compared with conventional systems. As there is no need to change cartridges and when automatic draining is planned, redundancy almost is intrinsically embedded within the equipment.

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