Coalescing cartridges | Removing dust, condensate and oil mist

Nat 1 removingdustcondensoilMicroToV® third generation coalescing filtercartridges were developed to remove fine oil mist, condensate and solids from moist gases. A special microlayer for conditioning oil mist in the gas stream is integrated in this cartridge. Like the DuoToV®, an integrated pre-filter effectively separates solid particles.

During transport and with each processing step, gas is contaminated with solids and/or liquids. To prevent damage to downstream equipment, VoTech offers cartridges and complete separation solutions for solids removal – for downstream, midstream and upstream applications, designed and configured to clients’ standards or to typical country and/or company standards worldwide.

Cartridges for the removal of solids and liquids from wet natural gas and other wet gaseous media

VoTech cartridges are designed for the efficient removal of typical contaminants in equipment from production, gas pipelines up to the end user. As OEM for many renowned vessel builders and engineering companies we manufacture a large variety of cartridge dimensions and media. We defy innovations or assist in standardising existing filtration solutions; we support our clients with design issues to guarantee maximum filtration efficiency, compact assembly, highest possible dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop and optimum lifetime.

Our innovative R&D test facility enables us to perform fundamental research, quality control and continuity checks. When developing new or improving existing products, environmental solutions are preferred to support current visions regarding increase of waste disposal.

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