Filtering and coalescing cartridges for application in filters and filter-separators for dry and wet natural gas and other gaseous media: a large variety of high quality filter media finds its application in a broad assortment of various temperature ranges. As a rule cylindrical shaped cartridges are applied in gas filtration. Organic materials like paper and non-wovens are used as filtering medium, bonded to metal inner and outer supports and metal end caps by means of high quality bonding material, so that they can be exposed to a high differential pressure. The indispensable stability of the cartridges causes problems as soon as the cartridges have to be disposed of. Increasing environmental awareness in all industries worldwide is demanding improved waste disposal techniques.

The production of a limited series of compact ductile cast iron filters, type “Topfilter”, for application in gas main lines and main connections to end users, with nominal pressure ratings, 4, 16 and 25 bar. The Topfilter series has salient design advantages like fully incinerable cartridges, easy handling and maintenance features and in comparison to conventional models double filtration surface. The series is EC type examination certified. In addition there exists a fire-proof execution for indoor application.

Solid and Liquid Phase Separation: Late nineties, VoTech developed a patented type separator based on an entirely new separation concept: the Side-Steam-Separator, type LCK® featuring various important criteria leading to a versatile and compact solution for the efficient removal of larger quantities of solids and liquids from natural gas streams in high pressure pipe lines. The development is based on thorough theoretical knowledge and research. Further improvement and innovation will be supported by continued fundamental research.

Testing: VoTech test rig for definition of the efficiency of filtering and separation devices (up to 4 bar). Our innovative R&D test facility enables us to perform fundamental research, quality control and continuity checks. 

Training: For exclusive clients and partners we offer filtration training. After this training you will be able to calculate how many of which type cartridges are required for your or your clients' filtration needs, based on VoTech products.